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AI Community: Started 210 days before the launch of ChatGPT.
AI + Conversion Psychology: Developed through 10,000 experiments.
Powerful Coaching:  Led by industry pioneers Daniel Burstein and Flint McGlaughlin.


Prepare For The AI Marketing Revolution

Find the path to extraordinary growth within a new kind of 

Research-and-Learn Community.

  • Learn Together - Get conversion-focused training from the lab that pioneered the conversion industry with 10,000 experiments.

  • Build Together - Craft an AI-powered SuperFunnel for your next marketing campaign.

  • Help Together - Join with your peers to help grow revenue for important life-changing not-for-profits like
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A collaborative research-and-learn community dedicated to the highest good

The AI revolution has added to the complexities of building a value proposition for a business and marketing your products and services. Don’t go it alone

The AI Guild is a community of customer-first marketers. We ground our work in fundamental marketing principles that were true 1,000 years ago, but use the latest AI technology that (sometimes) wasn’t even available 1 week ago.

“I’ve saved countless hours leveraging the AI skills taught and mastered in the Guild, leading to double-digit increases in conversion for my landing pages.”
Dave Fogel
Marketing Agency Owner and Summum Bonum

“I’ve saved countless hours leveraging the AI skills taught and mastered in the Guild, leading to double-digit increases in conversion for my landing pages.”
Dave Fogel
Marketing Agency Owner and Summum Bonum

Fast-track your career and your company with step-by-step, science-based, community-tested Learning Tracks.

Fast-track your career and your company with step-by-step, science-based, community-tested Learning Tracks.

See How Others Are Leveraging The AI Guild To Achieve Growth

Todd Keeling, USA
Kristi Linebough, USA
Mohamadu Sidibe, Africa
David Klein, Lithuania
Elle Willson, Australia

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GET YOUR SCHOLARSHIP It takes less than 5 minutes

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We have the answers

What is the core mission of the MECLABS AI Guild? 

The core mission of the MECLABS AI Guild is to lead a transformation in the marketing world by fostering a community of marketing philosophers.

It is about transcending traditional marketing tactics to understand the deeper philosophical questions that drive human behavior and decision-making. 

Flint McGlaughlin's teachings underpin our journey, guiding us towards personal growth, a profound sense of belonging, and realizing our potential as marketers and human beings.

How is success measured in the MECLABS Guild? 

Success in the Guild goes beyond conventional metrics. While revenue growth, conversion rates, and customer satisfaction are important, we elevate our measures to include the qualitative improvements in your marketing philosophies, strategic innovations, and the depth of connections made with your audience and fellow members.

What benefits do members gain from joining the Meclabs AI Guild? 

Members of the MECLABS AI Guild gain unparalleled access to insights and methodologies curated by Flint McGlaughlin, experiencing a unique blend of marketing expertise and philosophical wisdom.

This melds into benefits such as advanced mastery in conversion and persuasion, personal development within a supportive community, and the enriching experience of shared learning and growth. 

Our members don't just evolve as professionals; they transform, embracing a new marketing philosophy that places human understanding at its core.

What level of commitment is expected from members of the MECLABS AI Guild?

Membership in the MECLABS AI Guild requires a commitment to both personal and communal growth. Members are expected to engage actively with the content, participate in discussions, contribute their insights, and support fellow members in their journey. 

Can the MECLABS Guild help me grow my business while growing as an individual? 

Absolutely. The Guild believes in the symbiotic relationship between personal growth and professional success. By becoming a marketing philosopher, you not only enhance your business through innovative strategies but also enrich your approach with a depth of understanding and empathy, elevating your impact on customers and your community.

How can my business benefit from collaborating with the MECLABS AI Guild?

Collaboration can enhance your business's marketing strategies through insights into conversion optimization and AI-driven marketing. It can also provide opportunities to co-develop marketing solutions, access to a pool of highly skilled marketing talents, and increased visibility within the marketing community.

Can small businesses and startups find opportunities within the MECLABS AI Guild?

Absolutely. We offer resources tailored to help small businesses and startups accelerate growth through optimized marketing strategies, access to research and development collaboration, and the opportunity to learn from and network with experienced professionals.

How do I know if the MECLABS AI Guild is right for me? 

If you find yourself longing for more than just marketing success—if you seek transformation and a deeper, more enlightened way of engaging with your work and the world—the Guild could be calling to you. It's about aligning, unifying, and disciplining your energies not just for personal gain but for the highest good. If Flint's vision and principles resonate with you, even marginally, then you may be on the brink of a transformative journey.

How can I join the MECLABS AI Guild? 

Membership is, by application, welcoming those who are ready to partake in a transformative journey, embrace profound personal growth, and contribute to a collective mission of making genuine impacts in marketing and beyond. The MECLABS team will review applications. Apply now if you're prepared to transform not only your marketing strategies but your very being.

Are you ready to transcend traditional marketing bounds and step into a space of transformation, impact, and genuine connection? If yes, we invite you to Secure Your Spot in the MECLABS AI Guild—where marketing meets transformation for the highest good.

What happens after my application is accepted?

Upon acceptance into the MECLABS AI Guild, you embark on a transformative journey alongside fellow marketing philosophers. You'll gain access to exclusive content, in-depth discussions, and collaborative opportunities designed to deepen your understanding and application of Flint McGlaughlin's methodologies. You'll also be invited to contribute to the collective wisdom of the Guild, sharing your unique insights and learning from the experiences of others. Membership is a gateway to advancing your professional skills and experiencing profound personal growth and a sense of deep belonging within a community that shares your values and aspirations.

Let this journey transform not just the way you approach marketing but how you view the world and your place within it. Welcome to a community where you truly belong, among peers who share your passion for depth, meaning, and the expansive potential of human connection through marketing.

GET YOUR SCHOLARSHIP It takes less than 5 minutes